Flow Therapeutic Massage

“I met Joan Manning two years ago when I had undergone some surgery and was having problems with swelling and bruising.  I had never heard of lymphatic drainage until I was diagnosed with cellulitis and my surgeon suggested it.  After only one session with Joan, I could see and feel the difference in the swelling, and the bruising began to fade.  During the last year, I suffered an injury which also led to extreme bruising and swelling.  Again, I called on Joan and, just as quickly, I could see and feel results of the treatment.I highly recommend lymphatic drainage massage for anyone recovering from surgery, medical treatment, or an injury.”   Brenda J. Brown, Alpharetta, GA

“The first time I met Joan was the afternoon before I had plastic surgery.  She massaged from my neck up.  I drank all the water I was supposed to, and I had very little swelling after the surgery.  The nurses were amazed.”   Joedy Baughan, Atlanta, GA

“Lymphatic drainage is so important to help with an even skin tone, a healthy glow on the face, and absence of dark circles in the eye area.  The lymphatic treatments that I have had with Joan Manning have dramatically improved my skin.  It looks great!”   Rebecca Gordon, Licensed Aesthetician, Alpharetta, GA